About Bob

Bob Goldstein has guided hundreds of businesses through the transition from traditional to digital imaging. He was founder and president of ZZYZX Visual Systems in Los Angeles, California, where he developed businesses in high volume image scanning, digital retouching, QTVR services, stock photo databases and digital distribution networks, fine art digital printing, interactive media projects, web site design, and digital photo studios. He then became president of the Altamira Group, which produced the Genuine Fractals line of digital imaging software. He is a senior analyst with the Future Image Report and has consulted with such companies as Eastman Kodak, Apple Computer and HP. You can contact Bob at: bob@bobgoldstein.com




Hot News going Visual

Listen to KQED's Dr Moria Gunn, host of TechNation's interview with Bob and Alexis. Dr.Gunn closes the very lively interview by saying: "I think this is a change as revolutionary as the Internet, a definite shift in how things are going to be, in how we will be interacting, and it's really changing business".Play now.

Bob Goldstein and Alexis Gerard, Editor and President of the Future Image Report are proud to announce that their book, GOING VISUAL, published by John Wiley & Sons available now on Amazon. GOING VISUAL describes how businesses can use the power of images to enhance productivity, decision making and profits.